Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Theology, Pharisees and Sex Rights

One of the responses to my letter and my reply:

Hello Charles,

First of all, I'm very sorry that you have experienced pain as a result of our church and presbytery rejecting your theology. We too experience vilification for our sincerely held beliefs and are labeled as "non Christian", "bigots", & "pharisees" by those we love and it is hard to keep in mind that is our theology that is being rejected and not us.

Second this advice or recommendation is coming from me as a friend and not from our church or presbytery. I suggest that you do not leave the PC USA as it will most likely approve the ordination of practicing homosexuals this year or at least in the next 2-4 years. I think all of the mainline denominations will eventually go that route as well. This is unfortunate because all of the fastest growing Christian churches and movements (i.e. Foursquare, Calvary Chapel, Mars Hill, etc) are conservative and take a stand on the Historic Apostolic Christian faith.

My prayer is that the Spirit visits our country so that "sex" will no longer be god and that we will return to the Biblical theology that teaches that sex is a privilege/gift and not a right.



You have no idea how I feel because you are in fact rejecting who I am, not my theology. What I believe and do is inextricably linked to who I am as a gay man. How would you feel if someone thought that you loving your husband or wife was sinful and disgusting?


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  1. That responce reminded me of the justification some personally gave you for being for Prop 8. Entirely self satisfied with their position directing their actions with out thinking of the ramifications to others. In the blind adherance to their position, they never concider whether it is right to impose it on another person. This is obvious discounting of an individual based on who they ar and I can't understand how that can be overlooked.

    The attempt at pacifing reasurance of "in 2-4 years..." was hard to comprehend. If that is truely what this individual believes, why not stand in opposition to the others and support your to continuing on the ordination track? It sounds like a "maybe later" line. The whole thing is frustrating to me, since it seems like the writer missed the point.