Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Section Done!

I haven't been updating on the mosaic because it hasn't really been all that exciting. But, a few weeks ago, I finally finished the first section, the baptism of Christ.

Basically, all I've been doing is grouting. This was not nearly as fun a it was putting up the tiles, but it was a necessary part of the process.

A section without grout.

A section with grout.

Here is a section were part of it is grouted and part of it is not. The grout essentially holds the whole thing together, not only physically, but artistically as well. It creates a uniform matrix for the tiles to sit in so that you're not looking at the ugly orange wall, black Sharpe sketches and white tile glue peeking out from between the tiles. It also makes it safer as the sharp edges aren't nearly as dangerous once the grout is in place.

After grouting, you have to clean it up as best you can, and then let it dry for at least four hours before you can clean it up for real

Not cleaned yet


Here's the whole section before I started grouting...

And here it is after! The lighting is better in the "before" picture, so I guess these two pictures don't really illustrate how grouting makes it look better, LOL.


Here's what I've done so far on the next section, which will be the sermon on the mount and the last supper.

The campus PR person is putting something together to let more people know about this project, as well as the Spirituality Program in general, here at SFTS. Keep your eyes open for it!

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