Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 079 (Surviving Suicide Tuesday)

Second day back from Reading Week and it totally feels like it never happened. I knew the first week back was gonna be hard, but I also knew that if I could just get through Tuesday, I would be okay. See, today wasn't just Suicide Tuesday. It started with a quiz in Old Testament, for which I was up studying until 2:00 this morning. Next was the Hebrew midterm. I was actually good about studying for this one during Reading week. A little here, a little there, but I still felt I had to skip chapel to study because all of yesterday was devoted to studying for Old Testament. Luckily, neither test posed too much of a problem. I had finished the paper that was due for The Sacred and The Substance, but I still had about 70 pages of The Serpent and the Rainbow to read for it in addition to 2 other articles. I actually had a great time in class today. It's amazing how much more interesting classes are when you are actually able to read the material beforehand! Unfortunately, reading week only comes around once a semester.

Now: Trying to finish Lectio Divina homework so I can get to bed

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