Friday, November 27, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 102 (Hangover)

Yes, for the very first time ever, I woke up with a hangover this morning. Perhaps we should do this blog as a flashback...

The drive back home wasn't nearly as tedious as normal; having Amber there made the ride back much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, I wasn't specific enough when I got directions from Mapquest, because we ended up taking the 101 all the way back, and thus were unable to stop at Julia Pfieffer Falls. I could have sworn that the 101 and the 1 were essentially the same freeway, but they don't actually become the same freeway until around San Louis Obispo. We also grabbed some snacks at the gas station, so by the time we got to the Madonna Inn, neither of us were hungry.

Originally, the plan was to watch New Moon with my sister when I got back, but everyone was getting together for sushi. Since it has been over 3 months since I've had really good sushi, this was an agreeable change of plans. While at the restaurant, I took advantage of the fact that I wasn't driving to have a bottle of sake and a beer. The party moved over to the Wei house afterwards where I proceeded to have 2 shots of tequila, a glass of scotch, a martini, and another beer. Suffice it to say that I was gloriously drunk. To be honest, I was partly thinking to test my inability to get a hangover. Well, it finally happened, and as I suspected, it sucked. I'm sure other people's hangovers have been much worse; I have heard stories after all, but 5 hours of headache and nausea were enough to convince me that I never want to experience it ever again. However, I am glad that I can now say that I have had one.

Thanksgiving was typical. Lots of food; lots of fun. We watched Pandorum, a creepy sci-fi thriller. You know, the usual. We somehow ended up with 7 pies, 6 of the pumpkin variety, of which I am partaking as we speak. I was going to study Hebrew, but I decided to watch Glee instead. Oh well.

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