Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 097 (The Giblet Bag)

Confession: I roasted a turkey today. It was great! Everyone loved it, and I have tons of leftovers. But, as I was tearing the carcass apart to put it away in the fridge...I found the giblet bag. I am so mortified! For all the cooking I do, what a rookie mistake! I looked in the body cavity, and I found the neck, like the turkey wrapping said, but nothing else. As far as I can remember, the wrapper didn't say anything about the giblet back, so I figured it was just a new way of packaging turkeys to not include it? Anyway, I cooked it and found the giblet bag in the neck cavity! O_o I don't understand why the cut the neck off and put it in the body cavity, and take all the stuff from the body cavity and shove it down the turkey's neck?!?!? How bass ackwards is that? Anyways <-- tribute to Amber, I have tons of turkey, potatoes and gravey if anyone needs food. Just putting it out there <-- another tribute to Amber, LOL.

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