Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 098 (City of Refuge)

I went to City of Refuge today, a church affiliated with the UCC. It was an amazing service, very charismatic and energetic. It was similar to New Liberation Presbyterian Church, but even more going on. Annamae, one of my classmates, invited me to go with her because one of her classmates was giving the sermon. It was an interesting twist on the Jonah story. We happened to go on Youth Sunday, so the children were involved in different aspects of the worship service, and the children choir performed a song. They rocked the house! It's too bad the church is so far away, because it would be cool to attend services there more often.

But, the coolest thing was running into an old friend of mine! This is Jair and me in the picture. We used to do poetry together in LA! What a coincidence, huh? It was really weird; what are the chances of Annamae and I visiting the same church that he goes to, especially considering the fact that he lives in Oakland? It was great being able to catch up with him. Shout out to all the Poet's Jazz House members! You never know where we're gonna turn up!

Afterwards, Annamae and I went to Mel's Diner and traded life stories. (partial ones anyway) It turned out to be a really great day. :-)

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