Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 170 (CE @ PLTS)

I only had one class today, Christian Education at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Like SFTS, it is one of the 9 seminaries in the Graduate Theological Union and is not all that close to the other schools, although it is much closer to the other 7. (It only takes about 10 minutes to get there from the other GTU schools, as opposed to the 45 minutes it takes to get to SFTS.)

Like, SFTS, it is also at the top of the hill, but whereas SFTS is at the top of a little hill, PLTS is at the top of a REALLY BIG HILL, that I think should qualify as a mountain. Take for example this view from the school:

That's really freaking high! And, I SWEAR TO GOD, the road leading up to it is at like a 45 degree angle. Were we in a cute little car or some kind of SUV? NO! We were in a ten-year-old van that rolls backwards a little every time you take your foot off the brakes and try to accelerate from a stop while on a grade, no matter how fast you move your foot from the pedals! And, OF COURSE, I was the one that was driving as Christina was screaming her head off next to me!

Luckily, one of our classmates heard that we were going down the hill and told us of an alternate route that was much safer and easier on the nerves.

The class another huge one with 40-some students. The professor was cracking jokes the whole time, but you could tell she really knows her stuff. And, you can tell she's been teaching for a while because she only assigns about 70 pages a week, even though it's a graduate class, BECAUSE SHE WANTS US TO ACTUALLY READ IT! (her words, not mine)

This is going to be a very "hands-on" course, and I can tell that it's going to be really fun and I'm going to get a lot out of it. This semester is going to be so cool!



    except you totally spelled my name wrong >_>

  2. A tip for future on the hills. put the parking brake on when you stop and release it as you engage the accelerator. This works better in manuals, but still works in automatics.

  3. Thanks! Hopefully since we'll be using an alternative route, the hills won't be so much of an issue!