Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 195 (Hell)

And now, a very special episode of "Jesus High for the Gay Guy"

I had this dream a couple of years ago. Freaked the hell out of me! I reworked it for the Prophecy-themed poetry night we have coming up. Some of you may not want to read this right before going to bed. It gives we the willies!

Here I record the events of my dream.

I was in a concrete pool, and the pool was filled with people. The water came up to my chest, and the people were standing in it, but they did not move. I was near the edge of the pool, which was gray in color, and very plain. The pool was very large, for the other three sides of the pool were too far away to see.

Above us, the sky was gray and filled with clouds, but shown with bright light. It lit everything in a harsh manner, but was not so bright as to make it difficult to see.

The people in the pool were naked, and covered in a fine layer of wet soot. The water itself was black and I could not see through. The faces of the people were sad and their eyes downcast. In truth, they did not seem to be aware of where they were.

Workers moved among us, the water being no hindrance to them. Their countenance was that of humankind, but they were free of soot and carried with them orange hoses that trailed behind them as far as the eye could see. Clear liquid came forth from the frayed ends of these hoses, and they doused the people in the pool with this liquid.

Among their number was a woman of medium height. She was fair of skin and had short black hair. It was plain to see that she was the overseer of the workers, for she issued orders to them with a loud voice. The area was large, she had to shout to make herself heard.

Some of the workers moved slowly from person to person, taking great care to cover every portion of them with the liquid. Other workers sprayed the liquid over the people in great arcs. The workers pushed the people out of their way to move from place to place, and the people offered no resistance. The people in the pool did not react to the liquid that was being poured over them or to being pushed to the aside. Even when the liquid came into contact with their faces or eyes, they did not give notice.

Neither did the workers show any sign that the work was pleasing or troubling to them. They gave no emotion as they completed their work.

When the workers had completed their task, the overseer called for all of the workers to come out of the pool. After the workers came out of the pool, the overseer lit a match and threw it into the water. The clear liquid caught fire, and the fire began to spread across the surface of the water and the skin of the people in the pool. The fire burned but did not consume, and the people in the pool began to moan in pain.

Then, my vantage point moved towards the sky, and I began to see the true size of the pool. There were thousands upon thousands of people in the pool, its dimensions being at least one mile long and half a mile wide. I could see no other pools in the distance, but knowledge came upon me that this was not the only pool of its kind. The fire spread across the pool, and though I was a great height above the people, the moaning of the people was still able to reach my ears. No person screamed and no person cried out. The fire spread, and the people moaned, and the vision disappeared.

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