Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 199 (Heather's Ankle)

I'm trying to write my blog, but there is a blinding whiteness flashing just out of my field of vision to my right. Its Heather's ankle, demurely concealed with a white "Hello Kitty" sock. (Margaret Cho taught me that Hello Kitty has no mouth and thus, should not be a role model for anyone.) Heather is trying to write some articles and is pretending to ignore everyone else in the room right now, using elitist academic sounding words like "afterwhich" to deflect our comments on her behavior.

She kind of sassy, ("kind of" being an understatement) and fun to be around. But, she keep's trying to get me to join this LGBTQ group, and I think it's actually a front for some kind of illegal organized activity. (Okay, I'm going to just say this is a joke right now before anyone freaks out and does something crazy)

Anyway, we're all sitting at Holy Grounds right now and no one is talking and Ryan is playing classical music very very softly. I don't think Holy Grounds has been this mellow in a very very long time, but this is probably good, because I was kind of worked up last night and I had a hard time falling asleep. Thank God tomorrow is Thursday, which is essentially the last day of the week. I will need to get my blood drawn Friday morning, however (doctor's orders) to make sure I'm not dying. (don't worry, we're just checking cholesterol and sugar here)

Not too much to report today, although I did finish writing chapter 20 of my book, WOO HOO!!!!!!


  1. thank god tomorrow is thursday cuz it's my sabbath!!! huzzah!

    i need some yahtzee in my life.... or candy land.... or mancala.... or apple to apples..... or something....