Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 215 (Mt. Baldy)

Today was pretty awesome. I've been having a lot of awesome days lately. After a really great Improv class, I went to lunch with Mike, Annamae & Mary. I was about to pack when Ryan called and invited me to hike up Mt. Baldy. I almost said no, because of the fore-mentioned packing, but I rarely pass up a chance to hang out with friends, so I agreed to go.

The hiking group consisted of me, Ryan, Heather, Sam and Maddie, the 5-month-old black lad with a penchant for plopping down in the mud. The mud was transferred to Heather's back at the top of the mountain. We sat up there for a while just enjoying the view and the day.

Then we went to Saigon Village for some Pho and then it was back to Holy Grounds for the 6th installment of Harry Potter (and the Half-blood Prince) with beer and brownies. (As you do in seminary)

Time to pack!

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