Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 216 (Whales)

Drove home for Spring Break today with Christina. We stopped at Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park to show Christina the waterfall. Essential stopping point if you're driving on the 1. We were especially lucky, because we saw some whales while we were there! I think the last time I saw a whale was in the 10th grade. Also had to stop to see the elephant seals. We also stopped for lunch, to see the top of the fog layer from the cliff, and at the mouth of a river.

The drive took a little longer because of all the stops, but if I'm gonna be driving, I like to stop and look at things. It makes the drive more bearable. Plus, it's good practice for the road trip I should be taking this summer.

Went to Yama's for dinner, which was amazing as usual. Another lucky moment when Stephen did the flaming sake bomb, 'cuz they just don't do them as much as they used to. I don't know if I've ever described how they do it at Yama's, but they line the beer cups up on the bar, with sake cups balanced on top of straws that have been split in half length-wise. Then, whoever is making the sake bombs takes a swig of 151 rum, dips their hand in a flaming bowl of it, holds their hand in front of their mouth and breathes fire on the beer cups! The fire shrivels the straws and the sake cups fall into the beer. It is amazing!

Came home after that, played and some pool, then Apples to Apples. Now it's time for bed. Long but fun day. Anticipating an epic week!

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