Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 226 (Anglican Rosary)

We did an interesting thing in Christian Education today. I didn't realize that Episcopalians use a rosary, but apparently some of them do. The person in my small group that was leading the group today taught us how to make knotted Anglican rosaries today. Of course, the ones that we made look nothing like the beautiful one in the picture above. It was hard tying those little knots and getting them into the right position! My hand was even starting to get raw from pulling the knots tight. The only part I have left to do is the cross, so it shouldn't take too long. She also gave us a little pamphlet of prayers to go with the rosary, and we prayed one of them together as a group. It seemed like a very nice discipline, but as I am not really a disciplined person, I could say that I was going to start doing this, but it would never happen. I'm totally gonna finish the cross though and put it on my altar. My altar is getting a little cluttered now...gonna have to start paring down...


  1. i was TOTALLY just thinking you could put it on your altar!!! maybe near earl the burl?

    i would love to borrow the instructions when i get back cuz i think i'd like to make one of my own, ya know? :)

    hope everything is going well... i missed being at game night last night :(

  2. You didn't miss much. Doug didn't show up until 9 and all we did was play Magic...

    ...OR you missed your first chance to play Magic with someone other than me and/or my nephews! LOL

  3. what alter? im confused. i wanna see your version of instructions on the rosary...i wonder if its the same as mine? i imagine its similiar. i carry rosary beads in my cars since my friends' accidents. i think have like 6-7 different beads. much? :)

  4. I have an altar in my room. If you came up to visit me, then you could see the instructions!