Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 201 (Trinity II)

I can't believe I didn't actually explain the main way that I think about the Trinity yesterday. This is coming up now because we had Beer & Theology today, and I got to share my weird science fiction mathematical view. So, here it goes...

Think of the difference between a person and a picture of that person. You could say that the person is a 3-dimensional version of the picture (or that the picture is a 2-dimensional representation of the person). But, there is so much more to the difference. A person has a mind, a personality, can move around and interact with other people. So, the difference is more than exponential.

Take that up another level, and think about the difference between us and God. Essentially, God is a person in 3 dimensions, or 3 persons. In other words, the Trinity! And the difference is more than that God is three persons. Think of the difference between a person and a picture of that person, and all of things that person is capable of that a picture could obviously never do. All of those things would have to be brought up to that next "exponential" level when you're talking about the difference between a person and God.

So, that's how I see the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Hope it wasn't too weird.

In other news:

It is the Marshmallow's birthday today (yes technically today, Saturday, because as per usual, this blog is late.)

Saw the new Alice in Wonderland today. AMAZING MOVIE! I will need to own it when it comes out.

Apparently, I am extra special because I am a gay of color. If you need more information, ask Heather Grantham.

I drank a Coors Light earlier. It was disgusting.

I can't believe I'm doing my laundry at 3 in the morning.


  1. But aren't we 4-D? because 3-D just looks like it has depth where as 4-D actually does? never mind me, Im tired and on pain killers.

  2. I think if we were 4-D we would be able to experience the 5th dimension. I'm not a physicist though, so don't quote me on that.