Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 223 (Tattoo)

It has finally happened. I almost can't believe it, but yes, I got my first tattoo today. My brother James and two friends from seminary, Ian and Ryan, went down to my friend Phillip's house and al got tattoos together. It hurt more than I was expecting, but it probably took him less than ten minutes to do it, so it wasn't really that bad.

You can see some of Phillip's work here: TLK Tattoos

I've wanted this tattoo for years, but I was waiting for my friend Stacey to figure out where she wanted to get her tiny 1" tattoo of a cross so that we could get our tattoos together. Since I was back for spring break and some of my friends wanted to get tattoos, I decided I could no longer wait for Stacey and that I needed to make new "tattoo buddies." Hopefully one day, when she finally decides where she wants to get her tattoo, I may be ready for another one.

Here's a group shot of the four of us:



    No dissing Stacey/Tai Mae/Malibu Stacey/Ling Ling on your blog!

  2. JAJAJAJAJAAAA!!! You just dissed yourself "Malibu!"