Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 203 (Prophets)

So, technically, today is Day 203, but I have posted late blogs before. Of course, I think this one is the latest at almost 8 hours. There were several things conspiring against me posting a blog last night.

1) Studying for prophets last night was intense and furious. Index cards were not put away until around 2 in the morning... still not feeling prepared...

2) The Internet at Holy Grounds was not working after that, and I was too tired to go to the student lounge.

1) My hatred of AT&T has led me to believe that I can live without my own personal Internet access. This will save me $60.00 a month, which is good, 'cuz that's a lot of money. But, depending on other sources to connect to the Internet is frustrating, and as you can see, beginning to interfere with my normal activities.

I will make up for this lapse by posting again tonight.


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