Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 10 (Thwarted at Trader Joe's)

My roommate and I spent a pretty hectic day cleaning and getting everything organized one I was able to figure out that the extra stuff in my room didn't belong to him. Apparently, his last roommate left a lot of stuff behind all over the apartment that I guess we are the proud new owners of. The apartment is actually quite lovely now. While I was going through all of my things, I came across a Visa gift card that some of my co-workers had given me as a going away present and I decided I would splurge on some bottles of wine since I had left all of my wine at home. I didn't want to bring it and risk having to keep it in my car where it might have gotten too hot.

So, Amber came by again, my unofficial guide to Marin County, so we could do some shopping and then catch a movie. We got to Trader Joe's, one of my most favorite places to shop, and we went through the wine section and I was trying to teach Amber about wines. It looked like they were out of that happy face wine, so I went to one of the cashiers and asked if they were out. He called over the manager and he said that they were out of it. I thanked him and kept shopping. We got to the register and the cashier, the same guy I had asked about the happy face wine, asked to see my ID. I was kind of surprised because I'm not usually carded. Then he asked to see Amber's. Amber is about 2 weeks away from being 21. I tried to explain that Amber had nothing to do with the wine; she doesn't even like wine and I was buying it for myself. He said that since he had seen her handling the bottles, he could not sell us the wine unless she was 21 as well. He called over the manager, the same manager I had asked about the happy face wine, and he said that they could not sell us the wine because I could be buying the wine for Amber. He told me that they had to go to meeting about it and that the term for it was "tag-along sale" as if telling me the term legitimized the ridiculousness of the situation somehow. As if I would EVER buy alcohol for a minor!!! I remember one time, some guys came up to my little brother Brian and asked if I would buy some for them, and he told them to not bother asking!

I had picked up some milk, lettuce and laundry detergent as well, but I just left everything there and walked out of the store cuz I was so pissed. Amber kept apologizing, as if it were her fault; I had to keep telling her not to worry about it. This is like the time I couldn't buy alcohol because my driver's license expired, as if my birth-date were suddenly invalid. The stupid thing is that I'm just going to go back tomorrow to buy all of it, so all they accomplished was wasting my time. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is how much I actually love Trader Joe's. If it was a different organization, I would just boycott it for the rest of my life, like Blue Cross or Citibank.

oh well...

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  1. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! What's their number??? I'm going to call them up and tell them they're retarded.

    The End.