Friday, August 28, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 12 (The Quest for Ice)

I know it's atypical, but I really don't like to shop. I like to get in the store, pick up what I need and get out of there as fast as possible. Part of it is that the air in stores really starts to bother my eyes after a while, and another part is that I really hate waiting in line.

I forgot how much crap you actually need to live on your own. I had this huge list of stuff to get today; one of those things was ice cube trays. I mean, this shouldn't be that hard right? I'm pretty sure I've found ice cube trays when I wasn't even looking for them. Well, I drove all over Marin County trying to find the damn things hitting Longs, Target, Marshall's, Ross and finally finding them at Safeway. Along the way, I managed to pick up dryer sheets, chocolate, pickled baby corn, a digital camera, gooseberry preserves, candles, paper towels, spaghetti, Q-Tips and balsamic vinegar. Now: waiting for water to freeze! <----(insert evil laugh here)

The check-out girl that I went through at Safeway actually has a reputation for being an amazing cashier. She's a tiny thing with tattoos on her arms and buzzed red hair. As I was standing in line, a woman came up behind me with her full cart, looked over my shoulder to see who the cashier and then commented to her daughter, "Oh good, it's her. She's really fast." Then while the elderly woman in front of me was waiting for the cashier to find some rain checks for her, she was telling her how great of a cashier she was and how she always looks for her when she is getting ready to check out. Now, that is an amazing work ethic! I should write a letter to her manager to make sure they know what a great employee they have, but I forgot her name...

For anyone that knows me in real life, they should know I LOVE ice!!! I can't believe I went this long before trying to rectify this situation! I guess I've just been so busy cleaning... (today: range-top, back-splash behind range-top, cobwebs everywhere, top of fridge & vanity table in bathroom) I swear I've cleaned every surface in this apartment!

It is unbelievably hot right now! I thought San Francisco was supposed to be cooler. I was so focused on buying ice cube trays I forgot to buy some ice cream. With all this buying, I hope my student loan comes through!

One weekend before actual school stuff starts. I'm really excited for everything to start happening up here, but I so don't feel ready for it!

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