Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 2 (Problems w/AT&T)

I canceled my data plan for my Blackberry yesterday because I don't really use it that much, and my parents have decided to help me out financially by paying for my phone. But, seeing as how this is the era of the Internet, I did need to add broadband to my computer. This was supposed to be added to the family plan, but since I was not an "authorized user" on the family plan, I had to create a brand new account and have my dad add it on later.

Simple, right?


When we called to do this, they tried to tack on a "service charge," which of course we were not warned about at the store. Had I known about the "service charge" I would have waited until my dad was available, and he could have added the broadband himself. Not to mention the fact that adding an existing line to a plan takes, oh about HALF AN HOUR!!!!!

This is why there should be size limitations on corporations.

Luckily, because of this ordeal, I got to spend some one-on-one time with my dad, which is something we don't get to do...like ever. We got to talk about some things that we've never talked about before, like how his family moved here from the Philippines and why and a little bit about our family's financial situation. Apparently I have a rich great-aunt in the Philippines that raises chickens and cattle. Oh, just so there's no confusion, my dad is Chinese. My mom is Filipino. That means that my siblings and I are "Chinapino."

next up: Stories from the Chinappines!!! <-----insert exciting music here

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