Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 3 (Disneyland)

It's 12:43 am, technically Wednesday now. I don't usually go to sleep this early, so I decided to write the third entry for this blog because I'm going to Disneyland today and I might not get a chance otherwise.

It's been quiet in the Chinappines for the past five days, kinda felt like an only child for a while. My sister's been in New York for a friend's wedding, my youngest brother's been too busy to visit, he goes to school in Irvine, and my other brother is vacationing in the Philippines with his family. I get worried when I think about my parents having only my sister around, which will be the case once I'm gone. I think my youngest brother may be coming back soon, but I'm not sure exactly when that is. I'll just have to call a lot and make sure everyone's OK. I'm usually the referee during intense family situations...

So, I promised some Chinapino shenanigans:

There's a classic Mercedes in the backyard that my mother is using for a planter. I kid you not. I'm so used to weird things like this, I didn't even really notice it until one of the guests at my going away party pointed it out to me. There are succulents covering the trunk and bean plants growing up the sides and the hood. Now, I show it to everyone, LOL.

We live on an acre and my dad thinks he's a farmer. If you can name a type of fruit tree, chances are it grows in our backyard. We have apples, oranges, bananas, walnuts, pecans, tangerines, grapefruit, kumquat, plum, peach, nectarine, loquat, jujubee, cherimoya, dragonfruit, mango, papaya, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... We have nine lemon trees. Most of the fruit just falls to the ground and rots. Four people can only eat so much fruit.

Three chickens escaped from their enclosure today and I had to catch them and put them back.

Enough about the Chinappines...

Still packing. I have collected an un-Godly amount of religion-themed books over the past few years and I've decided to bring them all with me. I've found them quite helpful as references in the past, and as I imagine I'll have a lot of papers to write, they may come in handy. Plus, I had always planned to read them at some point, so the next four years may actually give me the opportunity. I'm also bringing most of my DVDs and more kitchen equipment than the little kitchenette I'm going to be using can probably handle. I have tons of clothes, a red stapler, two shot glasses and three Magic decks...just in case.

I just hope my poor little Prius, his name is Hammie, can carry all of this crap. O_o

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