Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 9 (Bomb Components)

My first full day in the dorm:

Woke up to the bell tower ringing at 8:00 am. It either rings at random times during the day, or it rings every hour on the hour and I just seem to miss it somehow.

Had breakfast.

Started doing the dishes. Tried not to throw up when the smell from the rotting food and mildew assaulted my nose. This was when the elusive roommate showed up. He had been gone since last Monday, so basically a week. The rice cooker was on for a week!!! He apologized profusely and seemed very embarrassed. Apparently, he was not aware I was going to show up. He had to leave ten minutes after he showed up for an internship in Dublin, CA.

Wiped down the trash can.

Cut my hair.

Cleaned mildew out of the shower and pulled grimy hair out of the drain. It took about an hour. The grout was still black in some places.

Went on Amazon and bought the rest of my textbooks. $185.00 on my Visa debit card. Knowing that I was about to embark on my seminary journey, priceless.

Read the "Good News" version of the Book of Luke. It was harder to get through than "The Message" version, even though I really like the "Good News" version, but I imagine any version would seem to take longer than "The Message." The part that really hit me this time around was when the angel appeared to Mary and told her she was going to become pregnant with God's child. And, I loved the part when she went to go visit her cousin Elizabeth, who by then was six months pregnant with John.

Went shopping with Amber and bought hot dog, soda, chicken bake, mildew stain remover, bathroom mat, tacks, niacin, fish oil, cork board, key rings, oil paints, elastic string and metoprolol tartrate. The bomb will be finished in about an hour; Amber has been slaving away for three while I sprayed the shower stall and blasted the mildew away.

When we got back, my roommate had cleaned out the fridge and mopped the floor. I guess I'll keep him, LOL.

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