Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 227 (Rude People)

I read this and it just made me sick. Some people have decided to picket at any military funeral that they can get to holding signs with anti-gay slogans, claiming that soldiers' deaths are God's way of punishing us for accepting gay people. It is truly disturbing how evil some people can be.


  1. Unfortunately for me, those folk are from my home state of Kansas. And yes, it is totally sickening.

  2. oh for the love of christ... what is WRONG with these people??

    if "you" want to protest something or anything, that's fine cuz it's part of "your" constitutional rights, but really, have some freaking decency and let those who mourn alone, and show some respect for the fallen soldiers who have died to protect "your" right to protest!

    i'm sorry people are so stupid and hurtful. :(

  3. Yup, people can use the Bible to justify just about anything

  4. and the sad thing is, they/we do... i think that's the problem when people forget that the bible was actually put together by humans... it may very well be all the inspired word of God, but that doesn't mean God actually put pen to paper, and beyond that, there's always the translation thing... and people's interpretations, and all of the lenses that people have in front of their eyes for perceiving the meaning of the scripture.


    people are stupid. it makes me sad. :(

  5. This is the Crazy guy who's entire congregation is his family.