Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 350 (West Wing)

Most of these pictures are from yesterday. I'm still sick, but feeling a little better and I took a long nap at my friend Tom's house in North Carolina so here we go!

The first thing we did yesterday was get library cards for the library of congress. This was interesting because you have to go to the Madison Memorial Building, a whole other building across the street to get them.

We spent a little while in the Library of Congress and then went to look at the Supreme Court.

After that, we went to Arlington Cemetery.

Here is the Eternal Flame in front of Kennedy's tomb.

And, we watched the changing of the guard.

Our final D.C. experience was a tour of the West Wing, which you can only do if know someone that works at the White house, which fortunately for us, I do :-)

There's a lot of construction going on at the White House right now.

This is us messing around in the Press Briefing Room...SO COOL!!!!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: This Pikachu hangs from a camera in the back of the Press Briefing Room, I guess so the president has something to focus on?

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