Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 365 (Adventures in Texas)

Okay, now is the official one year mark for my blog, and again, there is not much to report on today. Oh yeah, except for this...

One of these we found in the hotel room already dead last night, the other, my mom killed. By stepping on it, after it ran up her leg, inside her pants, and she was jumping around swatting herself to get it out. These suckers move fast! Afterwards, we both laughed about it, but it really drove home the fact that we were sleeping in a roach motel and that we needed to take measures to protect ourselves.

I tucked all the bed sheets in so that none of it was touching the floor, then I sprayed around the beds and headboards with insect repellant. And, we slept with the lights on, because cockroaches don't like light.

I decided to sleep with my contacts in because if we were gonna sleep there, I wanted to be able to see, and the place was obviously dirty and I didn't want to touch my eyes. We were treating it like a camping situation.

Around 3 in the morning, I noticed a large brown lump on the ceiling. The ceiling was made of ceiling tiles that had seen better days. I decided that the lump merited further investigation, and of course it was a gigantic cockroach. I sprayed it with insect repellant and it disappeared back into the ceiling tiles with a disconcerting patter of little feet.

We didn't sleep well that night.

Happy one year mark, blog!