Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 351 (North Carolina)

I guess I forgot to put up the pictures of Union Seminary in Richmond from yesterday. O_o Well, here they are! (They have some castles like we do at SFTS!)

Today, in North Carolina, the first thing we did was go to an old paper mill that had been converted into a mall. Because we were in the deep and uncultured south, the only thing we could find to eat were some French chocolates and Perrier mineral water. (Clockwise from the bottom left: dark chocolate truffle, sea salt caramel, green tea, coconut and lemon-grass, pink peppercorn and balsamic vinegar, muscadine grape.)

Tom made up for the food by introducing us to folk artist Clyde Jones and his critters. (This guy's accent was so thick it was almost a dialect. I had a really hard time understanding him!)

Clyde lives in a little town called Bynum, which the Haw river runs through, so we had a quick look at it at the bridge. There were some cute turtles there which you can't really see in the pictures.

For lunch we had more down home cookin', zucchini and mushroom quiche, at the general store where I found these cute yellow mushrooms growing in the flower box.

Later, Tom took me on a tour of his childhood as my mom took a nap and actually did introduce me to some local flavor at the Charburger. I'm still on the mend; there is a small chance I could be well by tomorrow. Wish me luck!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: If you look under the word "got" you can see Clyde Jones himself talking to Tom and my mom.

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