Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 353 (Ocracoke)

Wow! I just realized I am getting dangerously close to a year's worth of blogs!

Anywho, my mom and I left Tom today and headed for the Outer Banks, the long thin islands along North Carolina's coast. A highway runs along most of it, but there are certain parts that require you to take a ferry, which I didn't tell my mom about because I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

Goodbye Hatteras Island!

Hammie's first ferry ride!

You can tell he's really excited about it!

Some pictures from the ride:

We passed ferries going in the other direction along the way...

Hello Ocracoke!

I booked us an night at Thurston House Inn, a pretty pricey bed and breakfast, because I was kind of getting desperate. I kept looking for places to stay and they were either booked up or had a 2 night minimum. What's up with that?!?!?! Besides, I did want to stay at a B&B at least once on the trip cuz I hadn't done it before. This is our monster bed!

Look! It practically takes up the whole room!

As you can probably see, it's actually 2 twin beds pushed next to each other with a king-size memory foam pad on top. (Well, you probably weren't able to make out that foam pad part.) We decided to do away with the foam pad and separate the beds because bother my mother and I move a lot in our sleep, which effectively prevents either one of us from falling asleep.

Bedroom situated, we left to go see a local production about the local color, only to discover the tickets had been sold out! Drat! I really wanted to see that! Since we couldn't to that, we decided to go to the beach and try to find shells in the dark.

We had a great time; the Atlantic Ocean is SOOOOO much warmer than the Pacific!!! (Coincidentally, this was my first time touching the Atlantic Ocean! XD

Tomorrow morning, we will get to experience what was described as an "authentic Southern breakfast" and then we will take the next leg of our journey, another ferry ride, this time 2.5 hours, back to the mainland and cover as much distance as we can to Charleston.

Good night!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: This lady was feeding her sandwich to her tiny puppy. (I hope she didn't finish what was left!)