Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 140 (Points North)

After driving back and forth a few times, I have figured out that taking the I-5 from LA to San Francisco (or vice versa) as opposed to the 1 or the 101, will reduce your travel time by approximately 1 hour. Personally, I do not think this makes up for how boring the drive is, however there is an AMAZING Indian restaurant right off the I-5 called "Taste of India", where I was TOTALLY planning to stop at, but as I was not very hungry when I was driving by it and I am experiencing a crippling shortage of cash, I decided not to, THUS eliminating any real reason to take the 5. ALSO, there was traffic on the 5 today, not too much, but it was something that I had NEVER experienced before. I guess there were a lot of people heading back home after the holiday.

I tried an A&W burger for dinner (a poor substitute for Taste of India), and it wasn't half bad. (It wasn't half good either.) I passed up In & Out because I've been eating that pretty frequently and what I really wanted (since Taste of India was no longer an option) was Wendy's, but those are few and far between, so despite my general loathing of fast food, I decided I would try an A&W burger since I had as yet to try one. I really needed to eat something other than cheesy poofs, which I had been munching on during the drive (2 varieties: White Cheddar Corn Puffs and Baked Cheese Crunchies, both from Trader Joe's and both really really good. I also had a bag of crunchy Cheetos, but I couldn't justify opening the bag with the other two bags being open.)

So, now I'm back and blogging after a brief D&D session with Rus, Matthias, Ian & Terra. My back is sore from the drive and I am not looking forward to starting the Hebrew intensive O_o. Should be interesting.

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