Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 167 (The City)

I went to The City today with my Aunt Ellen, who I haven't seen since before the Fall term started. ("The City" would be San Francisco, for all you non-bay peoples. Apparently, people 'round these parts don't like it when you refer to it as "Frisco" as we so lovingly refer to it down South. Apparently, it's is disrespectful to refer to San Francisco as "Frisco". Apparently, whoever decided this should stop wasting everyone's time trying to find insult where there isn't any and should stop wasting the precious little oxygen we have left on this planet. But, I digress.)

(Aside #2: I intentionally refused to "properly" use the word "whom" in my opening sentence because I don't like that word and want it removed from the English language. See? I can play the annoying language game too, Frisco guy!)

I thought we were just gonna hang around the city where she lives, South Frisco, I mean South San Francisco, but she wanted to go into The City instead.

(Aside #3: "The City" only works if you're in the Bay Area. What if I were in Austin, TX and I turned to my buddy and said, "Hey, wanna go to The City" today?" He would turn and look at me and ask, "What city?" And, I would reply like a 'tard, "San Francisco." And he would ask, "How is San Francisco The City?" And then, I would have to go into a long, stupid, unnecessarily pointless explanation about how saying "Frisco" is disrespectful and how people from the Bay Area require us to use either the full complete name of the city or some completely asinine and ambiguously pretentious nick-name. But, I digress.)

We had lunch at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, but I use the term "restaurant" loosely.

(See? More fun with words! :-)

The quality of the food was questionable, even though we both ate until we were stuffed, seeing as how it was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I was never able to figure out how to get the bathroom door open. But, we couldn't beat the $5.99 price tag, so it wasn't all bad. I liked the desserts.

Afterwards, we shopped around a bit, and then she took me to Yerba Bueana Gardens where there was this really cool sculpture of this skeleton thing squatting on top of an enormous globe that was about 7 feet across. The skeleton on the globe is supposed to be standing up, and when you sit on this chair in front of it, it sits down as well. When you get up, it's supposed to get up, but I think the mechanism that raises the chair is broken, so it stays squatting until someone lifts up the chair. We never would have found this out if a man hadn't shown us how it works as he was walking by. The title of the sculpture is "Urge to Stand."

We took a bus too and from The City, my first time on a Bay Area bus, and we also found a Beard Papa bakery and had one of their amazing cream puffs. Overall, a really fun day. I'm trying to get her to come to my side of the bay so she can check out San Anselmo and the school. San Anselmo obviously can't compete with "The City" but my siblings thought it was more interesting than Frisco, so who knows?


  1. Hardees has a sourdough cheeseburger called the Frisco Burger, No one complained about that. And that sculpture looks like the oil companies... He's pooing on the planet.