Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 160 (Dim Sum)

A group of us went into the city today for dim sum. It was pretty good, but I've had better. I now know that when people say there are "2 Chinatowns" in San Francisco, they are actually talking about 2 different areas of the same place. There's the main drag on Grant that is the "tourist trap" Chinatown where they sell all of the kitschy souvenirs, and the "real" Chinatown, which is actually on the periphery all around the "tourist trap" Chinatown, where you can buy vegetable and sea cucumbers and stuff.

Afterwards we went to a Chinese bakery. There was a sign outside of it proudly declaring that they were "the only bakery in the entire United States" that makes their own moon cake filling. This is important because "water is the most important ingredient in moon cake filling," and "Chinese water has many impurities in it," suggesting that all other moon cakes that you will be able to find will be filled with filling made in China. Also, "San Francisco water is the cleanest water in the world." They make their moon cakes this way even though it is "difficult & hard" because they want to provide tourists (and I'm assuming the local population, chinese and otherwise) with the best possible moon cakes that money can buy.

I've always loved moon cakes, ever since I was little, but they're often made with a salted egg yolk in the middle, which I never really cared for. I bought one without the yolk... I hope. For those that have no idea what a moon cake is, it consists of a very thin and tender pastry shell and is filled with a sweet, smooth, dense paste, usually made from lotus seeds, mung beans or black beans. I'm pretty sure these are not the kind of black beans you will find in a Mexican restaurant, but I'm not really sure what kind of beans they are.

*sigh* Fine, I'll Google it...

According to Wikipedia, black bean paste is mung bean paste with black food coloring... Now I kind of wish I never looked it up...

Anyway, the bakery had an item I never imagined I would see, and would probably never think of on my own. They have chocolate covered moon cakes!!! I, of course, had to buy one. It was sooooo good! I can't believe I've never seen one before! Now that I have, the pairing just seems so obvious. BTW, I am eating my moon cake as we speak. I was writing and I could hear it calling my name. You can't ignore a moon cake when it wants to have a word with you.

In other news:

Faith and I finished the Hebrew parsing quiz today and practiced reading the part of the Hebrew Bible that the professor is making us recite in front of the class. We're going to work on the extra credit portion of the quiz tomorrow and practice reading some more.

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Terra, Faith, Ian, Jeff and Matthias. Chris walked in towards the end, and Tom and Kimberlee popped in for a few seconds in the middle. It was a very interesting premise and I thought it was well done, but it was kind of slow and a little too long. There was also this weird sub-plot involving a hurricane that was just extraneous to the whole thing. I tried to find a parallel between it and the main story, but was unable to. It should have been edited out of the script.

I found a mushroom that looks like a pile of spaghetti and some black elfin saddle mushrooms that look like little brains on top of veiny grey stalks by Holy Grounds. I'll post pictures the next time I do a mushroom blog.


  1. I think my boss brought moon cakes one day. Only one guy and I were the only ones he could get to try them.

    They were a little weird. Of course they were the prepackaged stuff. I keep wondering what some one who had never had cake would think of cake if someone gave them a twinky...not nice I'm sure.

  2. JAJAJAJA!!!! That's funny. I've had the prepackaged ones before. Certainly not the same as one you would get from a bakery, but I wouldn't compare it to a Twinkie. A prepackaged moon cake I'll actually eat...

    BTW, you'll be glad to know how much I've been using the apple baker up here! Mostly for curry (including the apple curry!), but recently enchiladas and right now chicken with an orange glaze that I'm really excited about. And, let's not forget the quail with gooseberry sauce at the beginning of the year ;-)