Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 163 (Mushroom Time With Charles)

Yes, it is Mushroom Time! (I know you are all super excited!) I'm not sure if it's the rain or just the time of year, but the mushrooms I've been finding have been really, really weird lately!

Just found this one today. I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye through the ivy, and I didn't even recognize it as a mushroom at first because it was so big! It was the size of a dessert plate! I took a picture of the sign behind it for Baird Hall for scale.

Some amazing colors coming up. The orange finger things (sorry for the quality of the picture) were like highlighter orange! These were growing by the spot where I found the candy caps.

This Alice in Wonderland specimen was also found there.

The color isn't quite what it should be for these guys, but they were kind of translucent and they looked like they were filled with a bright yellow light.

more of the red 'shrooms that grow everywhere...

This sea sponge looking thing is growing in the ivy by the stairs to Oxtoby. Isn't it cute?

I like to tell people that this one looks like a pile of spaghetti. It's growing on the hill behind Oxtoby.

I found these on the hill on the way to Holy Grounds. Isn't it weird looking? It's called a black elfin saddle and is apparently edible, but it seemed a little too insubstantial to deal with.

I was so excited when I found this 'cuz I've always wanted to see one. It was growing by the entrance to the parking lot in front of Scott Hall. I think it's commonly known as an earth star.

I found these alien finger things while on a hike with Tom. They were growing everywhere!

This one looked like an ear growing out of the ground.

These are some of the other mushrooms we found on that hike.

Hope you enjoyed! Next time you go on a walk or a hike, keep an eye out for these guys. They're interesting and weird and will make your time outside that much more meaningful!


  1. Charles...You have a huge shroom problem. And I plan on telling your family about the addiction. You need an intervention. :)

    SEE. I went onto your blog!

  2. I fear the Alice in Wonderland mushroom may have bird pooh on it.

  3. It's actually part of the mushroom. It' one of those kinds that develop inside of a sack-like thing, and I guess for this mushroom, a remnant of the sack clings to the top of the cap and becomes part of it.

  4. I like the Alice in Wonderland mushroom.