Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 149 (More Fun With Mushrooms)

Some more local shrooms:

I went on a walk with Marlene today in the rain. It wasn't a mushroom hunt, but I brought my camera just in case. At most, I thought we might find some blewitts. As we were huffing our way up a hill, I caught a glimpse of yellow on the side of the road. I walked over, thinking it was just going to be another mushroom, but when I got closer, I noticed the ruffled edges. We were not walking in the woods, so I thought there was very little chance we could have stumbled across a patch of chanterelles. I tried to look underneath to see the gills, as that would be the tell-tall sign for whether or not they were indeed the much sought after chanterelle mushrooms, but they were growing too low to the ground. Finally, curiosity and a small dash of hope and excitement won the battle in my head and I decided to just pull one of them up to look. I couldn't believe it! The gills were more like wrinkles, just like chanterelles were supposed to have, and it was very hefty for its size, another feature of chanterelles. It was a chanterelle! I quickly pulled up the other two, one of which was a monster at 4 inches across, and put them in my jacket pocket as I had not thought to bring anything to carry possible mushroom finds.

In my excitement, I failed to take a picture of them as we found them on the ground, but here are two of them sitting on Marlene's stove about to become a sauce for our pasta:

They were good, but I find it hard to justify their $20.00 a pound market price. Still, It was a very exciting find and we will definitely be keeping tabs on the area where we found them for any future tasty morsels! :-)

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