Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gay Guy in Seminary Day 161 (Ditching Church)

The seminary student was bad today and decided to sleep in instead of going to church. Please do not let this be an example for any of you. I was just really tired and felt like cooking instead. The orange glazed chicken turned out really great, but I still haven't gotten around to making the pumpkin cookies. Hopefully the shredded pumpkin isn't rotting in my fridge as we speak. Faith and I finished the Hebrew quiz today with the help of a few of our classmates (thank you Jeff & Kimberlee). Spent most of the day at Holy Grounds. Sometimes I feel like I live there, and Jim was telling me that I should consider running the place next year. Might as well, I guess, since I'm there all of the time.

I finally got an application back for one of the scholarships I was inquiring about. Hoping to get that out sometime next week. There's this other scholarship I still need to apply for. I know I shouldn't make excuses, but after all of this Hebrew, it's hard to get motivated to do anything productive. Maybe once Jan-term ends on Wednesday I can get all of the stuff done that I've been putting off.

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