Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 20 (Seminary to the Sea)

We did a 12 mile hike from the seminary to Stinson Beach today. I was a little unsure of this adventure as I had never intentionally hiked anything so long before, but I figured it would be a good bonding experience with the class. I have to say that it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't really have the right shoes for it, but my Perry Ellis shoes that look like bowling shoes worked surprisingly well! My feet didn't start getting sore until the last mile and no blisters! I didn't realize we were supposed to bring lunch, but when people heard I didn't have anything to eat, it was like the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. Food came flying at me from every direction and in less than five minutes I had way more food in front of me than I could eat. Gotta love Presbyterians and their relationship with food! Catholics have the crucifix, Protestants have the casserole dish...

The hike was beautiful, if exhausting. I felt like I was in the Twighlight world with all of the old moss-covered trees growing up through the underbrush. There's this little plant with white flowers that grows in the meadows here called tarweed. It's covered in little sticky black dots of what look like tar, hence the name. We were walking through a meadow and this wonderful scent of oranges and thyme and eucalyptus kept wafting up in the breeze, and we realized it was coming from the tarweed. That scent was one of my favorite things on the hike.

Fell down once and tweaked my ankle a little bit, as per usual, but it seems okay. I know I'm going to be stiff for a few days, but the hike was worth it. Definitely doing it again next year to haze the next incoming class! Now, getting ready for a night in Fairfax for some live music. Woo hoo!!!

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