Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 28 (Drowning)

Today was pretty quiet, drizzled on and off all morning, then started raining around 3. The weather here is almost as twisted as back home. I don't understand how it can be unbearably hot one day and then raining and cold the next. Not that I mind the temperature; I'm actually sitting in shorts and a T-shirt with my doors open. The rain is GLORIOUS! XD

So, I've heard it's pretty much going to rain until summer, with a few weeks here and there where it will stop and possibly be hot again. (Booooo!!!!) I've heard stories and seen pictures of this area flooding as recently as 4 years ago, so hopefully that won't happen this time. We're in no threat of drowning by water in the immediate future, however I just might drown anyway.

Collectively, my professors want me to read just under 1,000 pages* a week. I am literally drowning in words. I, like most of my fellow humans, am not a speed reader. I can't even read 1,000 pages of something I actually want to read in a week, let alone 1,000 pages of textbook. It is physically impossible for me to read that much in a week. Of course, I could give up sleeping, eating, personal hygiene and blogging, but what fun would that be? So, I've "technically" done the "reading" for Monday, meaning my eyeballs have passed over the assigned words, but as far as how much information actually went into my blaine?????........(sigh)

Yes, my study habits have carried over from undergrad. I did walk away with a 3.7, so this might just work out. When one of the second-year students was telling us during orientation that he read about 6 hours of homework a night, I totally thought that was ridiculous and that I would never do that. Well, I haven't actually "read" anything, and I've already spent more time "reading" than that today. One of my classmates said someone calculated the amount of work that the professors expected us to do and it worked out to be more than 24 hours per day. How does that math work? If I was going to be good, I would continue "reading" after this post, but I don't know if I have enough strength left in my arms to turn the pages. Do the teachers actually expect everyone to read all of this? And if so, was I missing when they passed out the time turner necklaces?

*number not exaggerated for hyperbolic effect

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  1. Insane. I still vote for the divide and concur/teamwork/synopsis technique.

    Keep breathing.