Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 37 (Make Crack Like This)

Disclaimer: I do not listen to this kind of music, not that I'm judging anyone that listens to it. It's just that my preferences run more towards Norah Jones or Hawk Nelson.

So, Sacred and the Substance (Drugs and Jesus) started with us listening to this song. The professor then proceeded to lecture about the Gin Craze in the U.K. in the 1700s and the Crack Craze in the U.S. in the 1990s. When I realized I would be going to seminary, it never even crossed my mind that I would be taking a class like this. I actually did a little bit of a better job reading the articles this time, so I was able to partake in the discussion and prove to the professor that I actually was capable of speaking, but it's still going to be some time before the culture shock wears off and I get really comfortable sharing in there.

One of the articles we were supposed to read was about hangovers. At one point, the professor asked everyone who has ever experienced a hangover to raise their hands. I was literally the only person who did not raise their hand. I've never even been hung over a little, that I know of anyway. The main reason for this is that for some reason, I am completely terrified of being hung over. I have no idea why, I just am. So, any time I think i've drunk enough that I might get a hang over the next day, I drink a lot of water and eat until I'm really full. It always works. I wake up and I'm fine. Now, Tom brought up a really good point tonight that I had never considered, which is that my fear of being hung over is probably limiting the amount that I drink. I know I've never been gloriously drunk before, but there have been several occasions where I've tried to get pretty drunk, the latest being Gina's anniversary party where I had seven shots of tequila on top of a mojito and a margarita. I honestly don't even know if that's a lot to drink, but it seems like a lot to me.

Still have Spirituality homework to do...*sigh*


  1. My favorite illicite substance is Filone Everything Artisan Bread from Vons. That and TV and DVDs, but you knew that. You can talk about me if you want :o)

  2. that song is going to be my new ringtone.

  3. i would be knocked on my ass after shots charles. that is kinda a lot but all that wine u drink probably built up your tolerance. lol