Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 44 (Study High)

If anyone was paying super close attention to the SFTS facebook updates yesterday evening, one would have noticed a preponderance of "bunnies." This is because we were studying for the Old Testament quiz today and Ryan and Terra got really tired and started relating everything in Genesis to bunnies. 3-fold promise of land, descendants and blessing? Bunnies. Be fruitful and multiply? Bunnies. Leaving alters everywhere? Bunnies. Human sacrifice? Bunnies. Circumcision? Bunnies.

BTW, the "bunny" in the picture is a Flemish Giant, which can weigh up to 28 lbs. I am determined to own one some day. I'm hoping they can be house trained.

So, I joined in on the flash card session and pretty soon we were all laughing about the stupidest things! I'm sure anyone that has had a super long study session can relate. You study for 5 hours, you wait too long to eat, you start feeling delirious and all of a sudden God's covenant with Abraham is the funniest thing you've ever heard of in your entire life. I learn from Terra, the former med student of the class, that this is because after a long session of studying, your brain runs out of the normal sugars that it's supposed to use as fuel and starts burning ketones, which are alcohols. We had literally gotten drunk off of studying and started laughing like idiots because of it. This would explain why I enjoyed studying so much the other day. In hindsight, studying for 10 hours straight actually does feel a little bit like drinking a glass of wine. Of course it takes much, much, much longer to get the same effect, but you do slip into a semi-coma relaxed state after a while. Which leads to the question that my "Drugs and Jesus" professor would hate, "Can studying be addictive?"


  1. I'm lovin' the fuzzy bunnie feet. :-D Debbie thought the picture was photo shopped, so I had to give her the Wikipedia link.

  2. I bet he leaves some big altars everywhere he goes!