Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 25 (San Anselmo Heat)

Yes, believe it or not, it does get hot in San Anselmo. It's not the dry desiccating heat of the desert, nor is it the humid bacteria-fostering heat of the jungle; it's the moist, delicate heat of a coastal city that doesn't really understand what heat is. And, no matter where you come from, you will get acclimated to the area you are living, and whatever the residents there consider to be hot, one day, you too will think of it as hot, even if it is 20 degrees cooler than what was considered hot in your old life.

Today was hot. I've felt hotter, but today was hot. I decided today that I would walk to the post office to buy a large envelope and some stamps because the post office is not that far away. In hindsight, this was not a good idea, because this errand was to take place in the middle of a list of things to do. Earlier, I had gone from my dorm to the library to print a student loan form. It's not that far, but there are hills and stairs involved, and today was hot. I must add that I'm not in great shape right now and I'm also taking blood pressure medication that seems to be exponentially increasing the amount of sweat I produce. Not to mention that today was hot. The computer lab was also hot. There is no air conditioning in there. After printing the form, I made my way to the financial aid office, but the person that runs it was at lunch.

This was when I decided to go to the post office, which was not that far away, but today was hot. I made my way down the hill from the school and walked the four blocks to the post office, all the while cursing myself for not being lazier and taking the car, because my car has air conditioning and today was hot. Upon reaching the post office, I was greeted with glorious AC! But, the damage was done. Sweat was already pouring from my face and I could feel my energy level ebbing like an old balloon slowly sinking to the floor.

After the post office, I walked to my friend's apartment to pick up some stuff I had left there. Then I had to walk back to my apartment and climb up four flights of stairs, because I of course live on the top floor. I dropped off my stuff, then walked back down the stairs and back up to the financial aid office and dropped off the form.

Back up the stairs, changed my clothes, took a nap. It was hot.


  1. were you hot today? cuz i was hot. probably not as hot as you were. but i was hot. were you hot? i was hot. it was hot.



  2. I found 11 "hot"s. This is fun, just like a word jumble. Did I get it?