Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 40 (Chinapino Invasion)

Here's another late post, this time because my family is in town. Actually, they're not the only one's to blame; Lydia had her birthday party tonight at Holy Grounds. It was really fun watching everyone dancing to Gavin's spinning. Gonna keep it brief; it's late and we had a long day ahead of us.

I went with Amber to Credit Cars so that she could once again achieve vehicular independence. Isn't Credit Cars a shady name for a dealership? They seemed like they were actually pretty decent people, and Amber was able to drive off with a car. Of course, one of her taillights wasn't working and she thinks it needs new brakes, but the person who helped her fill out her paperwork said all repairs would be free. Not exactly sure how that works, but we'll see.

I went to my aunts' house after that to pick up my brother and sister who had just arrived with my parents. We tried to leave right away to get to Lydia's birthday party, but my aunts insisted that we eat dinner first. We finally got back to my apartment an hour and a half after the party started, but it was still going strong, so everyone had a good time.

Now, it's time to sleep. Night all!

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