Friday, September 11, 2009

Gay Guy in Seminary: Day 26 (Calling All Brown Coats)

Today was a shiny day! Inara saved the cap'n and Zoe from the sheriff and the townspeople got their medicine. Not to mention the fact that everyone is safe from Niska for another day.

Yes, we have introduced 5 more unwitting victims to the Firefly universe, and by George, they'll be glad we done it! For anyone that has no idea what I'm talking about, Firefly is only one of the finest shows to ever grace the pixels of a TV screen. It's a unique show that takes place about 500 years in the future on the frontiers of space, so it's kinda like taking Tombstone and Star Trek and smashing them together. It. Is. Awesome. Period. (period.)

I know for a fact that there are at least 4 copies of the series floating around campus hailing from southern California, Montana and Colorado. Go Brown Coats!

In other news, I aced my Hebrew quiz, went to lunch with Amber for her birthday, got into an altercation with Chase Mastercard and forgot to take my blood pressure medicine. And, it was hot today. No exaggeration, I've already eaten at least 4 ice cube trays worth of ice, and I'm not done yet. I wish these apartments had air conditioning.


  1. Definitely. No better show in the verse!

    It seems like all you have to do is share Firefly and you end up with a ton more Brown Coats...shiny!

  2. "Weird...I just had drinks with a guy that looks JUST like that doctor. His name is Sean and he said he's an actor. I bet that was him!"


    Hahahaha. That was so funny.