Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 260 (Kick Ass)

I just got back from watching Kick Ass, the new Nicolas Cage movie about masked vigilantes. It was not exactly what I was expecting, and it was gorier than I like my movies to be, but I think the movie may have actually required the gore. I was surprised at the depth of this movie, especially considering the fact that I originally thought was going to be a glorified cheeseball superhero action-figure promotional video. That didn't stop me from wanting to see it, though. It was like a Wildstorm comic brought to life. The characters were flawed and almost too real. It was a teenage boy's fantasy, and I'm not talking about beautiful women. I'm talking about that secret dream to escape from the mundane life of high school, homework, parents and the pointless attempts to scale the social ladder. What teenage boy doesn't dream about being a superhero? The only problem is that most superhero movies present a completely unrealistic goal for most (if not all) people. Kick Ass is reachable. While that makes it amazing, I certainly hope no actual person will aspire to be one of the characters in the movie. I mean, they could get hurt!

Anyway, here's the breakdown... Writing: Awesome. Script: Awesome. Acting: Awesome. Story Arc: Awesome. Music: Awesome. Fight Scenes: Awesome. Special Effects: Awesome. Character Development: Awesome. This movie friggin' Kicked Ass, and I can't wait for the sequel!!!

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