Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 272 (Hamburger Patties)

Hamburger patties (93% lean, 7% fat) are on sale right now at Safeway at $4.00 for 3 lbs. This is way, way, way cheaper than just buying ground beef, or buying any kind of beef in general, and even cheaper than chicken. Sine I am a poor seminary student, I bought 45 lbs of it and stuck it in my freezer. The bottom layer of my freezer is now comprised of ground beef patties stacked ten high. They stack much nicer than the chicken leg quarters that were my previous bulk protein purchase. The things I do to survive...


  1. LOL

    ok, so two things.

    1) hamburgers are on sale because memorial day weekend is coming... and people stock up.


    2) this makes me think about just how filipino you really are. the fact that you bought 45lbs of frozen hamburger patties and are leaving for an extended road trip just amazes me and makes me smile.

  2. Yup! They will be waiting for me when I get back! XD