Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 282 (Stacey & Summer Itinerary)

Tai Mei (otherwise known as Stacey) is here!!! WOO HOO!!G!FBHT!NFfbxrnyc6r <-----that was her O_o

Anyway, I thought she was arriving on Wednesday, so this will make paper writing interesting. Oh well, should be fun.

I LOVE STACEY! SHES THE BEST! <----- This was her too @_@

Anyway, as promised, here is the itinerary for my summer! If anyone wants to join me for any part of it, just let me know! (sorry about the weird format, I tried to paste it from Excel.)

18-Jun /Calico/Vegas
19-Jun /Salt Lake City
20-Jun /Salt Lake City
21-Jun /Yellowstone
22-Jun /Yellowstone
23-Jun /Yellowstone
24-Jun /Montana
25-Jun /Montana
26-Jun /Montana
27-Jun /South Dakota
28-Jun/ South Dakota
29-Jun /South Dakota
30-Jun /South Dakota
1-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
2-Jul/ Minneapolis, MN
3-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
4-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
5-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
6-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
7-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
8-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
9-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
10-Jul /Minneapolis, MN
11-Jul/ Minneapolis, MN
12-Jul /Wisconsin
13-Jul /Chicago
14-Jul /Chicago
15-Jul /Chicago
16-Jul /Indiana/Ohio
17-Jul /Ohio
18-Jul /Ohio
19-Jul /Ohio
20-Jul/ Ohio
21-Jul /Ohio
22-Jul/ PA
23-Jul /PA
24-Jul /PA
25-Jul /Washington DC
26-Jul /Washington DC
27-Jul /Washington DC
28-Jul /Washington DC
29-Jul /VA
30-Jul /NC
31-Jul /NC
1-Aug /NC
2-Aug /NC
3-Aug /NC / SC
4-Aug /SC / GA
5-Aug /GA / FL
6-Aug /FL - Holy Land Experience
7-Aug /FL - Everglades
8-Aug /FL - Key West
9-Aug/ FL
10-Aug/ FL/AL/MS
11-Aug /New Orleans
12-Aug /New Orleans
13-Aug /LA / TX
14-Aug /OK / TX
15-Aug /OK /TX
16-Aug /TX / NM
17-Aug /NM
18-Aug /NM
19-Aug /NM
20-Aug/ NM / AZ
21-Aug/ Flagstaff
22-Aug /San Diego
23-Aug /San Diego
24-Aug /San Diego


  1. I'm possibly getting a very expensive root canal today, so that might derail my entire summer....*sigh*

  2. I'm really glad you are taking care of it. Your trip would not be much fun otherwise and hopefully it won't make too big a dent. :-)

  3. Debbie from work recommends this dinner cruise in New Orleans: