Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 261 (Possibilities)

There's this guy in my Christian Education class that I would like to ask out on a date. The only problem is that I am an absolute chicken and was not able to work up the courage to do so when given the chance. You know that story about the man sitting on the roof in a flood and he passes up help from a man in a rowboat and another guy in a helicopter saying that he's waiting for God to save him and he eventually drowns? Then, when he get to heaven and he sees God, he asks God why God didn't save him and God says that he sent a guy in a rowboat and another guy in a helicopter, but the man decided to stay on the roof.

I'm the guy on the roof. There was a moment right after class when he wasn't talking to anyone and I could have totally gone up to him and introduced myself, but I chickened out cuz there was a ton of people nearby. Then, when I was driving through the parking lot, he was standing there, ALL BY HIMSELF, and I could have totally drove up to him and rolled down my window and started talking to him, but I chickened out again, AND DROVE PAST HIM!!! ARGH!!!!!


There is still hope. Next week is our last class, so I have one more chance. AND, I discovered that he goes to the same school as an acquaintance of mine, so I have some time to get some info on him.

Why am I such a coward???!!!

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