Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 279 (Graduation)

I was not able to sleep at all last night because of how much my tooth was hurting. So, when the time came to go wipe the dew off of the chairs, I figured I was already up and should at least so something productive with my time. I was 10 minutes early.

Initially, I tried to stay for the graduation, but my tooth was hurting so much, and I was so tired, that I decided to go to my apartment, take an Aleve, and two Benadryl to knock myself out.

I ended up sleeping until 5 pm.

I went to the graduation party at 7 pm, which was really fun, and now I am blogging at 3 in the morning. My tooth isn't really hurting anymore, but the one above it is now O_o. I don't know if this is some kind of sympathetic nerve thing, or if I jostled a filling up there too. I've taken another Aleve, but I think I need to take some more Benadryl so I can sleep...

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