Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 283 (Root Canal)

I decided last night I needed to get a root canal. This was not an easy decision because dental work is a little nerve-racking, and I also knew it would not be cheap.

It ended up being $1,700.00. This doesn't include a crown I'll still need to get when I get back to Southern California.

Luckily, I got a $50.00 rebate from Verizon today, and I checked my HSA, and I have $200.00 more in it that I thought I had. Altogether, this was $650.00, so I had to pony up about $1,000.00 more. I had also gotten some Bank of America balance transfer checks in the mail today, which I normally shred right away, but I figured if I was gonna save my summer, I would have to bite the bullet and take on a little more debt. I'll end up using another of the checks for the crown. I'll be able to pay them off when I get my student loans and grants in the fall.

Oh well, at least for now, my summer seems to be mostly intact. And, my mouth feels a lot better.

Root canals, btw, are crazy! They drill out the root so that it's hollow and then they fill it in with something else. Feeling the drill inside of your tooth is a very strange experience. Unless it's not properly numbed, in which case it's an excruciating one. I had to tell the dentist to stop 3 times to numb me more before continuing.

A really weird thing happened to me when I got back from the dentist. I just couldn't get warm! I was freezing! I took a half-hour shower in the hottest water I could stand and then tried to sleep with a blanket and 2 down comforters. About an hour later, the shivers stopped and I felt really hot and tired.

I didn't get very much of my Exegesis paper done. First I was in too much pain, then I had to get the root canal, then I was just too tired (see above) and then it was Russ and Matthias's going away party. Tomorrow, Stacey and I are going to San Francisco, so I'll probably not get very much done on that paper tomorrow either.

Friday, I plan to hide in my room and finish the paper. Or, maybe go to the library. Or, both. Either way, it needs to get done cuz it's due on Saturday, and that's gonna be another San Francisco day.

Crazy, crazy week, but it'll be fun.


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