Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 276 (Finals Week: Day 3)

Okay, I have to apologize for the self-indulgent blog that I'm about to write because not that many people may understand it, but I may have just possibly played the best Magic game ever in my life.

I was playing my Transcendence deck, which is a kind of annoying blue/white control deck that wins by Donating the Transcendence to my opponent. In order to win a Magic game, you need to reduce your opponent's life to zero, but Transcendence flips the rules and makes you lose if you have 20 or more life. My deck also has mechanics that allow me to hurt myself and to make my opponent gain life.

Russ was playing a green/black zombie deck and was at 14 life. I had already Donated the Transcendence to him.

I played Soothing Balm, which made him gain 5 life, putting him at 19. He played Naturalize to destroy the Transcendence, and I responded by activating Browse which let me look at the top 5 cards from my deck, keep one, and remove the rest from the game. I only had 11 cards left in my deck, and you lose the game if you have to draw a card and there are no cards left in your deck. I needed to find a Counterspell to cancel his Naturalize, otherwise I would lose the game.

Browse turned up a Fact or Fiction, which I played for 4 mana, leaving me with 3 possible mana left to use. Mana is what you need to play cards in the game.

With Fact or Fiction, Russ had to take the top 5 cards of my deck and separate them into two piles. I would get to keep one pile and discard the other. After this maneuver, I only had one card left in my deck.

Luckily, my last Counterspell was one of those 5 cards, and Russ put that card in one pile, and he rest in the other. I chose the Counterspell, and used 2 of my remaining 3 mana to cancel Russ's Naturalize.

He had no response to this, so the Transcendence lived. I had one card left in my deck, one mana left to use and Russ was at 19 life.

With my last remaining mana, I activated my Tonic Peddler, and Russ gained 3 life, putting him at 22 life, thus causing him to lose the game.

I know a lot of you reading this have no idea what I'm talking about, but trust me, it was EPIC!!!!

And yes, I realize I am supposed to be studying for Theology right now.... and I have no excuse. I did some studying today and I will study more tomorrow. I understand the material, but I'm having a little trouble remembering which theologian said what. Oh well, I'm sure it'll work out somehow.


  1. wow. just... wow. that must have been a nail-biter! :P

  2. NICE! I can imagine the suspense right up to the end. It's like Green Bay has 21 and the Texans get a field goal to put their score at 28 and you think Green Bay will run it back to tie up the game in the last 1 min of 4th quarter, but then they switch it up with a conversion and get two points and win it with 29 and seconds to spare. Whoo yeah! I just compared Magic to Football! It's a new world people!

  3. Hey do you receive emails when I reply to your comments on my blog?

  4. I do when I click the box for that, but sometimes I forget.