Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 277 (Finals Week: Day 4)

Did my theology exam today. I think I left out some some key things, but I think I pulled at least a solid "B". Gotta keep it short cuz Heather and Barb's birthday party kept me up late and away from the 7 page paper I was supposed to working on that's due at 5 pm later today. It's just a reflection paper, so it should be too bad.

I do have to talk about my mad rain stick skills though! At the party, a bunch of people were playing guitars and singing, so I decided to cobble together a rain stick out of stuff at Holy Grounds so that I could participate. I used a Christmas wrapping paper roll, a Mardi Gras necklace, some 20-sided dice, and packing tape to make it, and it turned out pretty good! The necklace was already broken, so I taped each end to the ends of the paper roll, with the necklace running along the inside. I put the dice in and put tape over the ends of the paper roll to keep the dice in. When we tilted the roll back and forth, the dice would roll along the beads and make the rain stick noise! We used it all night, and then I took it apart to get my dice back. Who knew 20-sided dice could be so useful?!

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