Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 268 (UFO Sighting Follow-Up)

Okay, I was totally going to write about something more serious today, but I received an email with some follow-up questions from the person assigned to my UFO sighting case!!!! Yes! There is an entire case now! OMG! There is an ACTUAL PERSON assigned to this case!

I answered the questions because I think it's kind of funny that there are people that are that serious about this. Maybe I should be grateful? I don't know. Maybe they'll discover something important. Anyway, here is the email I received along with the answers I gave them:

Mr. Wei,
My name is Anthony J. (Tony) Tambini. I am a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The MUFON state director has assigned your sighting to me for investigation. We understand that you wish to remain anonymous and MUFON will most certainly honor your wish. If you do not mind, I have a few preliminary questions regarding your sighting. Please take the time to answer the below:
1) How was the object illuminated enough for you to see? Did this illumination come from reflected light from street lights, or was it some other source?

I assume it was illuminated from street lights.
2) Did the object have a vapor trail, or any other type of trail behind it?

3) Did you notice any appendages, such as bumps, protrusions, tail surfaces, etc.?

4) Specifically where were you located during the observation?

A field surrounded by redwood trees
5) Did the object appear to have a mist or vapor around it, or were the outer edges just not clear to you?

I'm not really sure how to explain it, but the edges were just fuzzy, like the light coming off of it was distorted somehow.
6) You state that the object was in view for 20 seconds. In actuality 20 seconds is a long time. If you could, can you use a clock or watch, note the position of the second hand, then without looking at it again point your finger at the sky and follow the path the object took with your finger and the estimated time it took to cross your field of view. Next look back at the clock or watch and note how many seconds had gone by. Please let me know the results of this. Sometimes time is a difficult thing to measure in your mind.

I realized afterwards that I answered this one wrong, but it was too late because I already submitted it. It was actually about 5 seconds
7) Knowing that you wish to remain anonymous, please answer all or some of the below questions:
What is your birth date, or age? I am 30 years old
What is your occupation? Seminary student
What is your education level? Bachelor Degree
Do you have a degree? Bachelor Degree
How is your vision: Good / Fair / Poor: Poor
Do you wear eyeglasses/contacts and if so did you have them on/in at the time? Yes, I wear contacts that correct my vision.
Are you colorblind? No
How is your hearing: Good / Fair / Poor: Good
Do you wear a hearing aid, and if so did you have it on/in at the time? No
I may have some additional questions at a later date and I hope that it will not be a bother to answer them if I do.
Thank you very much for submitting your report to MUFON.