Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 321 (Moderator)

We baked tons of cookies today, but I forgot my camera, so there are no pictures. Hopefully there will be baking pictures at some point this week. I did pick up my camera however, before my mom and I went to the More Light Presbyterian dinner.

We totally lucked out because the couple that we were sitting next to offered to let us stay with them for three days at their home in Maryland for our road trip! I got all caught up in the excitement at the end of the dinner that I totally ran out of there without talking to them. I'll need to call them tomorrow. I also got a free rainbow scarf to show my support for the full inclusion of those in the LGBT community in the life of the church. Sweet! (x2) My mom even got one, AND picked up another for a lesbian that she might end up working for!

Next was the election for the Moderator of the General Assembly. For the church, this is akin to electing the president of the United Sates. There were some "voting anomalies" going on that made the whole proceeding a little more interesting to watch than it would otherwise normally be, but I found the whole thing fascinating! I just never knew how any of this stuff worked! I'm not sure I can adequately explain it in a blog, you just kind of have to be there.

Picture of the Day: When the new moderator was finally elected, they turned on the disco lights. This is pretty much as wild as Presbyterians get, although a couple of us went to the hotel bar and stayed there eating, drinking and talking until they kicked us out at 2 a.m.

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