Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 336 (West Virginia)

I went to my first Episcopalian service today. It was very similar to a Catholic service, but I suppose that's to be expected. After that, we drove to West Virginia. All the signs we kept passing said we were heading to the airport, but I just assumed the airport was on the way to whatever it was we were actually doing. I was wrong. My aunt and uncle had a cute little surprise for my mother and I...

My dad!!!!! I was so surprised to see him! They all did such a good job of keeping his visit a secret. My mom and I were really happy to see him, and I was glad that we were finally able to get him to visit his sister here in Ohio.

We did some sight-seeing in West Virginia. With all of the mountains and the rain, it totally looks like you're driving through the Amazon out there.

Isn't this the coolest bathroom! When I was taking a picture of it, I thought it was some historic building. After I took the picture, my aunt walked by and said, "I think you just took a picture of the bathroom."

And, in the trend of funny food signs, I had to get a picture of this:

Who names something "Biscuit World?" And, if this thing next to it is from the same Gino's chain in Chicago, I'm gonna be kind of pissed. My mom and I stayed a whole day in Chicago for that stuff!!!

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Look! Hammie made a friend! I woke up this morning to find a molted cicada skin on his tire. The cicadas out here are really loud!


  1. Tudor's Biscuit World is legitimate. Did you try hillbilly hotdogs?

  2. I knew about your dad coming. :) And you went to Catholic mass - it's good for you. lol.

  3. Anna: We should be getting to a Hillbilly eventually. Where are you??? We need to meet up while I'm here!

    Stacey: I can't believe everyone knew about this!