Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 347 (Luray Caverns)

My mom and I decided to give ourselves a break from D.C. today and instead go to Luray Caverns in Maryland and Harpers Ferry in West Virginia. (Not to mention the fact that it was stinkin' hot today, and it's cold inside of caves!)

Luray Caverns are the largest caves in the Eastern United States and they are FILLED with amazing formations! I was completely stunned by the beauty of these caves and I wish you all the chance to see them for yourselves someday.

This took my breath away. It was a large, very still pool of water reflecting the ceiling above like a mirror. See those formations on the bottom? Those are actually reflections of the formations above!

Luray Caverns boasts the largest musical instrument in the world. An organ is attached to 37 stalactites throughout the cavern, each with one of these little rubber hammer things attached to it.

The hammer taps the stalactite, producing the musical note. One of the rangers pushes a button every few minutes, causing the organ to play.

One of the pools has been converted into a wishing well, and every year, the rangers take out all of the money and donate it to charity.

Probably most people's favorite formation in the cave, the fried eggs!

After Luray Caverns, we went to Harpers Ferry, WV, a tiny historic town, complete with its own ruins. It reminded me of pictures I had seen of little towns in Europe.

This is the pub in Harpers Ferry where my mom and I had dinner. (We had to change tables because I discovered a wasp nest about a foot away from where I was sitting!)

This is what we had for dinner! We split a plate of Irish nachos: homemade potato chips smothered with a cheddar sauce made with Irish stout, grilled steak, diced tomatoes and green onions. Yes! We had potato chips for dinner, and it was worth every single calorie!


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  1. You made it to Harper's Ferry! My Schilling Family immigrated from Austria there and my great great grandparents are buried there.